Why is Pinot Grigio So Popular?


a picture of the Pinot Grigio grape

Pinot Grigio (or Pinot Gris) is one of the most popular grapes in the world. It’s certainly one of the most popular varieties in our range, constantly giving Sauvignon Blanc a run for its money. What makes it so special? Why do countless people turn to it as their grape of choice?

Renowned wine writer Oz Clarke once said of Pinot Grigio:

Pinot Gris has the potential to be one of the world’s great white grapes, in some of the world’s most unlikely places”

Although it’s fondly thought of as an Italian staple, the truth is that you can find good Pinot Grigio all over the world. Alsace, Germany, New Zealand, Romania, Canada, Oregon and Australia, just to name a few. All varieties are unique in their flavour profile. From the fresh citrus fruits of north-east Italy, to the honeysuckle rich offerings from Romania.

I spoke to our wine buyer Dave Roberts to get an expert opinion on the popularity of Pinot Grigio:

“Pinot Grigio is without doubt the world’s favourite Italian white grape variety. The secret to its success has to be the charm of its simple and easy going flavour profile. It’s not a grape variety that makes wines that task the drinker with layers of complexity. PG is just a straight up glass of orchard fruit refreshment, nothing more, nothing less and if you’re serving up simple pizza and pasta dishes you’d be hard pressed to find a better bed mate”

Earlier this week we referenced the variety of dishes that can be served up with Pinot Grigio, and it’s ability to partner so many delicious recipes is certainly part of the appeal. For me, it’s also the freshness of the grape. When the summer weather makes an appearance, you want something you can quickly grab and stick in the fridge. Something that holds no surprises, something that you can rely on. For me, Pinot Grigio is the choice every single time.


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