Perez Cruz – The Foothills Of The Andes

More Than A Decade

If you’re a Virgin Wines customer, there is a chance you already know everything there is to know about Perez Cruz. It’s a winery that we’re very fond of and we’re not shy about singing their praises at every opportunity.

Over the last decade we have built a close relationship with German Lyon and the rest of the Perez Cruz team. Wine Buyer Dave Roberts convinces the powers that be (Jay), that it’s imperative to travel to Chile every year to ensure that our hand-crafted blends are being tucked into their bottles nice and safely. Personally, I think he just wants a good old knees up with an old friend.

You can read Dave’s diary around his latest trip by clicking HERE.

An old friend is exactly how we see German Lyon and the rest of the team. We advise the boys in Chile of the wines our customers love, and they’re only too happy to ensure those varieties are produced, along with a wide range of new and innovative varietals.

The Winery

All of the wines produced at Perez Cruz are bottled on site, and perfectly represent the identity of the stunning Maipo Valley. A region that offers a near perfect growing environment. Located at the foothills of the legendary Andes mountain range, the soils are deep and stony. Mix this with the Mediterranean climate, it’s the ideal combination for producing high quality wines.

German may be adept at producing the most stunning wines imaginable, but he also fancies himself as a bit of a carpenter, and honestly…he’s pretty damn good. His winery reflects his carpentry love, with the winery being built of native woods with two barrel-shaped central naves. Add this architecture with the innovation of the barrel cellar and you end up with a very special winery. Temperature and humidity are controlled naturally in the cellar, resulting in the best wines possible.

German Lyon and the rest of the team are an icon of the Chilean wine industry with a number of plaudits. Even the building has been hailed as one of the world’s most outstanding pieces of wine architecture! As you can see from the pictures above, that hardly comes as a surprise.

The consistency of excellent at Perez Cruz is quite remarkable. We’ve sold over 1 million bottles from the winery and its average rating rests at 4.3/5 across the board. Now wine is very subjective, and tastes vary. However for a winery to achieve such a high grade across the board is extremely special, and it’s just one of the many reasons why we value our close relationship so dearly.


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