Pairing Wine with Pancakes!

Shrove Tuesday marks the last day of gluttony before a period of fasting known as Lent, beginning on Ash Wednesday. In the UK we mark this day by making pancakes. Although there’s no reason why we can’t have pancakes whenever we fancy, it’s a lovely tradition and one I indulge in every year with likeminded friends.

I like to make pancakes the real focus of the evening by making savoury pancakes for a main dish and follow them up with a sweet dessert version. Read on to see what I’ll be making and I’ve added a wine match from our range for each.

Pancake Day

You have heaps of options available and a surprising number of ingredients you can work with. The batter is obviously important and there numerous recipes out there to choose from. Here’s a savoury option followed by a sweet one you might like to try.


For this savoury pancake you’ll need a knob of butter, a little freshly milled black pepper, asparagus, parma or prosciutto ham and a chunk of parmesan.

Pop your knob of butter into a shallow frying pan on a medium heat and soften your asparagus shoots. Whilst they are softening lay out two slices of your chosen ham (adjust by overlaying so that they are the same width as your asparagus shoots) and grate some parmesan. Once softened (to your liking) remove from the pan and lay four shoots lengthways on your ham, sprinkle over your cheese and roll them up. Take your rolls and pop them back into the frying pan to crisp up the ham and melt the cheese. At the same time cook a pancake. When your pancake is ready lay it flat and pop asparagus roll onto one edge, season with pepper and add a little more cheese, roll it up and you are ready to go. You’ll want two per person!

Wine match

I think an Albarinio with its peachy, red apple citrus fruit and almond nuttiness is an ideal partner for this plate of food and there are very few finer examples than the ones made by Pazo Senorans in Spain’s Rias Baixas DO in Galicia. Their 2012 is simply stunning – Pazo Senorans Albarino 2012

Pazo Albarino


You’ll need a bar of good quality chocolate, double cream and a selection of nuts for this sweet number. I’m going to use an even mixture of hazelnuts, almonds and cashews.

Melt your chocolate in a glass bowl over some warm water, whip the cream and roughly chop the nuts. Cook your pancake and you are ready for dessert. Smear a good layer of melted chocolate over the flat pancake, sprinkle over mixture of nuts and add a dollop of cream. Fold it over in half an half again to spread the cream and attack it with a knife and fork!

Wine match

The Yalumba estate is located in heart of Australia’s Barossa Valley and is a multi award winning winery and surely one of the most prestigious of the region. They deal in premium wines and Yalumba Museum Muscat NV is a classic Aussie style sticky – super-ripe Muscat fortified and oak-aged for many years.  It is a luscious, tawny-coloured essence of liquefied raisins lashed with chocolate, caramel, spices, nuts and brandy. By the flavour characters just listed you can see why I’ve picked this out to go with my pancake!



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