Old Vine Carignan Pairs Perfectly With Sausage and Mash

The warm weather is really starting to affect my blog post planning, it was supposed to be chilly, windy, rainy and everything else you’d associate with Autumn and Winter. Which is why you’ll be wearing shorts and enjoying an ice cream while I’m talking about roaring fires and hearty dishes. However this is what bookmarks were made for!


We were recently asked for wines to match with classic British dishes, after all British Food Fortnight is upon us. So we had a long hard think about it, and came up with some beauties. Someone had to try them to make sure they were suitable, and I was more than happy to bite that bullet! Today we’re featuring an absolute British classic, Sausage and Mash!

Sausage and Mash is simple, easy and quick and is a staple of the British family routine. I remember having this dish at least once a week growing up and the excitement of smelling the sausages cooking and tasting the onion gravy still gets me salivating. You can keep this as simple as you like, but a great recipe to try is this BBC Good Food one, beautiful onion gravy in a few short and simple steps.

The difference between enjoying this dinner today and enjoying it 15 years ago rests with the accompanying beverage. Where it used to be orange squash, it can now be something a little tastier and something a little more exotic. So when thinking about which wine to pair with this dish, It really wasn’t a difficult choice, Les Grands Chemins Old Vine Carignan.

This is a macho red wine, made from the finest old vines. It is a full-on taste explosion of dark berries and liquorice, making it a perfect match for this British classic. Of course, bangers and mash wouldn’t be the same without onion gravy and the rich flavour of the wine brings the dish together beautifully to ensure this classic remains the star attraction.

Currently on sale for £8.49 a bottle, this wine enjoys a 4.1/5 star rating.



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