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Following on from Andrew Baker’s last article “To Oak or Not to Oak, it’s now time to turn our attention to the second vote, which (funnily enough!) is all about Oak.

Vote 2 – Oak Barrels vs Natural Fruit

Simply read the question below and select the option that you would prefer to see win. (If you are having trouble deciding, read the summary underneath the question.)

[poll id=”7″]

Voting closes at 5:00pm on Friday 22nd November  

As Andrew described, oaking can add a further dimension to a wine by imparting flavours that are slowly drawn out of the wood as the wine ages.

So in summary, if you would like your wine to have a toasty, warm, lightly-spiced element that fills out the mid-palate of the wine and adds a touch of weight and mouthfeel then you would be best to choose the first option above – “I would like the wine to be matured in small oak barrels” – but if you would rather preserve the pure fruit of your wine, you would be best to choose the second option – “I would like the wine unencumbered by oak”.

Good luck!


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  1. Now, I'm not going to be bitter at being out voted on the mix, but if you chaps vote against oak, I'm going to be in a strop! 🙂

  2. Andy Merricks


    This puppy is going to need some oak in it considering the mix!

  3. Definitely oak barrels!

  4. David Hoar


    I'm a purist, sorry Ken, this time around its no-oak for me.

  5. Sorry Ken I agree with Dave no oak for me

  6. Oak all the way this blend will need a little extra in the mouth.

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