New Year, New You? #DrinkBetter

By the time Sunday rolls around, statistically 27.4% of all New Year resolutions would have already failed. 41% of New Year resolutions fail before the first month is out, and less than 50% are still in effect after 6 months.

One of the most popular New Year resolutions is cutting down on your alcohol consumption and living a healthier lifestyle. From general cut down to going stone cold sober for Dry January, alcohol always plays a part. This is often attached to other goals, such as losing weight or exercising more. In a recent study, losing weight was the #1 resolution for 2017, making up 21.4% of all resolutions.

If you’re looking to get in shape, save some money or just live a healthier lifestyle, good on you! When you do sit down to enjoy a glass of wine, and lets be honest, most of us will continue to drink in 2017, make sure it’s worth it. If you’re cutting down to one bottle of wine a week, make sure it’s a wine that’s worth your time, a treat to reward you for a week well done. Making the decision to drink less? Then make the decision to #DrinkBetter

At Virgin Wines we’re committed to finding the most delicious wines and transporting them from vineyard to glass. We use our customer ratings to work closely with our winemakers to ensure we provide the wines we know you love. We’re not talking faceless middlemen, corporate boardrooms and wine that tastes exactly the same from vintage to vintage. We’re talking exceptional wines that represent where and how they were grown, developed over time by winemakers who care about their product not their profits.  Over the next month as part of our campaign, we’ll be lifting the lid on why customers who choose to drink with Virgin, choose to #DrinkBetter, and if your idea of a quality six pack aligns with ours, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride.

Statistics courtesy of Statistic Brain


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