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New Wine | The Black Pig Reserve GSM

With the launch of our 2010 Black Pig Reserve GSM last week I thought I’d follow it up with a quick blog post.

In my opinion we have an advantage over our competitors when sourcing wines from Australia. The reason is a relationship with one Mr Steve Grimley. He resides in Australia, the McLaren Vale to be precise. He has an impressive network of growers and winemakers with one thing in common. They’re all eager to be a part of something smaller. To craft exclusive parcels of unique wines that deliver truly exceptional value for money.

We’ve worked together from the very early days of Virgin Wines and when he approached us and asked if we would like him to make us something that really cranked things up a notch. We said “Yes, sure Steve. Just make sure you keep the cost in line with what our customers expect!”

Steve proposed that he made us a top-class red using the great wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Southern France as a role model, wines that he has a personal affinity with. His idea was to replicate these world famous reds yet bring a bit of that Aussie brashness on board. A blend where the base wine comes from an old vine Grenache vineyard supported by proportions of Syrah and Mourvedre, not to mention the time they spent in top-of-the-range oak barriques.

The finished wine is a wonderful combination of delicacy and power. Like the world’s best rock bands. The bright crunchy raspberry fruit character of the Grenache takes charge like a cracking lead vocalist that knows what melody is, muscular Shiraz delivers the power of that lead guitar riff and Mouvedre is the rhythm section that holds it all together.

Black Pig Reserve GSM is a superb follow up to one of our most successful wines of all time and is a legend in the making! If you’ve already dipped in and purchased a case, please let us know what you think of the wine in the comments below or come and join us on our Facebook page.

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