National Poetry Day – Hair Of The Dog!


Once I had a glass that was always half empty,

No one seemed to care that I never had plenty,

For everybody else the grass was always greener,

So I stayed indoors where I grew ever meaner,

For vintage upon vintage I watched the endless rain,

Wondering how on earth I would turn my loss to gain,

A little lost dog started scratching at my door,

‘NO!’ I yelled, ‘I’m not sharing anymore!’,

The wind grew wild and the dog began to whimper,

Begging for shelter from the harshest Winter,

But something inside me crumbled with defeat,

So I let the feller in, and offered him some meat,

The dog brought my paper. The dog kept me warm,

And from my darkest moments, the dog pulled me from.

The yellow sun returned and smiled upon my farm,

The grass was never greener, the rain had done no harm,

Bursting from my vines was the finest fruit I’d seen,

So I quickly pulled together my old winemaking team,

We pruned and picked and trimmed and crushed,

We worked that vineyard from dawn till dusk,

So now I sit here sipping ‘Le Man’s Best Friend 2010’

And I’m always looking at the glass half full, right until the end.


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