Malbec Excites Us As Much As Customers

The popularity of Argentinian Malbec in the UK just keeps on rising. Its current growth is only being overshadowed by our almost insane thirst for Prosecco! In a congested and ultra competitive market, for anyone to be on the up is brilliant, but the worry for me is that stylistically it could be too one dimensional and people could quickly get bored. A little comparable to what I feel is happening with Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc.

Malbec Vineyard

At the moment, most of the Argentinian Malbec’s on our shelves are massive, fruit-laden monsters, smothered in varying degrees of new oak. However, recently I’ve started to notice a movement or extension in styles emerging that are fresher, lighter and all together more accessible. This really is wonderful news for both the producers and us as they won’t get pigeonholed as a one trick pony and we will have plenty to choose from!

I personally don’t want to have red meat every time I want to enjoy a bottle of Malbec, which you pretty much have to do currently. These fresher less brooding styles will give me and you the opportunity to partner this wonderfully expressive grape type with all kinds of different dishes, which truly is pleasing.

We’ve launched a new wine recently working with Familia Zuccardi and the idea was to make Malbec even more popular, by working on this emerging fresher style. It is still bold with plenty of dense fruit and we’ve even kept a bit of that new oak on board, just not swathes of it! Partner with all kinds of dishes, especially spicy pizza’s and griddled lamb cutlets with Mediterranean roast vegetables.



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