Let There Be Prosecco!

If you’re a fan of the Italian Sparkling wine that has invaded the British Isles in recent years, then you would have heard the rumours that we are set to run dry this summer. Northern Italy suffered through a very tough 2014 vintage thanks to a prolonged period of heavy rain and strikingly cold Proseccoweather. When you combine this with the fact that demand for Prosecco has continued to rise, to the point where it outsold Champagne in 2013, then you can see why the fear of a prosecco-free summer has permeated through the trade and press over the last month.


However you’re probably not going to have to import your prosecco directly from Italy just yet with most retailers, ourselves included having more than sufficient amounts to fulfil the demand of our customers.

So here we thought we’d pick out a few of the prosecco’s currently on sale:

Due Colline Prosecco NV^83559E49DF00F34E01182EC9EB45D48EF6BDCF4FB79ADC247B^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

A customer favourite, this is always at the top of the best selling list at the end of each week. Crafted by Claudio Manera at the Araldica winery in Italy, this is  a beautifully aromatic Prosecco, bursting with peach and apple flavours culminating in a soft finish. It’s a light and fruity alternative to Champagne, at a much more cost effective price. No fridge should be without a bottle of Due Colline.

Il Cortile Sereno Prosecco Brut NV

Blended from hand harvested, perfectly ripe individually selected parcels of Glera grapes grown in prime vineyards northeast of Treviso, this wine presents itself in a perfectly drinkable style, packed with peach and apple flavours and blended by ourselves with the expert hand of Claudio Manera. Exclusive to Virgin Wines, this wine finishes with a subtle citrus tang.

Ombra Prosecco Frizzante NV

The meaning of Frizzante is basically slightly sparkling, but this wine still has plenty of bubbles to keep you refreshed. A perfect wine for an aperitif or matched with white fish. Fruity and fresh this wine backs plenty of refreshing flavours with tangerine the most prominent. A lovely citrus finish makes it an easy-drinker that won’t have you on the floor after a few sips.


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