It’s Harvest Time At Finca Manzanos

Last night I was sipping on the Finca Manzanos Rioja Gran  Reserva Alta Expression 2005, one of the finest wines in our range in my very humble opinion. Flavour, texture and aroma, this wine has it all. It made me realise I hadn’t spoken to Laura Mateo recently who supplies us with some amazing pictures from the winery. So I popped her a note to ask her what’s happening and the moment and true to form, I received some spectacular photos of the amazing winery. The perfect post for a Friday afternoon as the work week winds down and we all decide which indulgence to partake in this weekend.

Finca 1


Next week Finca Manzanos will start their harvest, which is exciting for them and very exciting for us, as soon enough we’ll have some new stock to pass on to you. However before the bottling can begin, the tasting needs to happen.  Today the winemakers are Laura are sitting down to sample the mono varietal Graciano and Grenache. Although the wines are young, they have been in barrel for 6 to 8 months.

Here are a selection of photos to enjoy this Friday afternoon:

Finca 3Finca 7Finca 9



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