It’s all in the Name…

With the blend components decided and the second vote underway, we also need to think about what we’re going to call our Virtual Winemaker wine.

You know where the wine is being made, you know some of the history of the winery and the people involved, but ultimately what we call the wine is up to you!  Feel free to be as wild and daring, as poetic and transcendental as you like – whatever you feel best captures the essence of this project.  (Don’t forget to check out The Winery and Team page for inspiration.)

Doncella Roja

Those of you who took part in our Virtual Winery project last year will remember that the winning name, and the name that adorned the finished bottles of the wine, was “Doncella Roja”, meaning Red Maiden. This was suggested by Virtual Winemaker Sylvia and was the winning vote from a shortlist of 5 names.

When choosing a name, please bear in mind that the main brand of the wine will be Famille Perrin and that you will be deciding on will be the sub brand. Traditionally French wines are named after the region in which they are made (and in this case it will be Cotes du Ventoux) but this, your Virtual Winemaker wine, doesn’t have to conform!  Here are a few suggestions to get you started: “Famille Perrin – Vraiment Ventoux ”, “Famille Perrin – Winemakers Cuvée” and “Famille Perrin – Selection de Virgin” but we’re sure you can do far, far better!

This is a chance to have your idea immortalised on a bottle, so pull on your creative hats and email us with your idea(s) before 5pm, Friday 22nd November (please note we won’t be able to reply to all your emails). We’ll then pick out a shortlist of names, which we will ask you to vote in our next email newsletter at the end of the month.





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