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One of the greatest things about Italy is the populations passion and obsession with food and wine. It’s not narrowed down to just areas, or even city cuisine, it comes down to individual villages. One village will claim their marinara sauce is far superior to the one produced just down the road. The people of Naples will claim their pizza is the finest and most traditional example of the food loved by millions around the World. Sicilians will claim their Cannoli to be the most delicious dessert in the country. Pride is at stake, it’s not aggressive, it’s passionate disagreements about a common love, food! Wine in Italy is as regional as it’s food and pairing the right wine with the right dish is an important part of Italian culture.

The rich game dishes of Tuscany perfectly suit the wines produced in the region. Chianti has it’s foundations in the Tuscan heartland in central Italy. Delicious meats to go with delicious pasta dishes like those using a regional favourite, Pappardelle.  Big hitting roast beef dishes common in Piedmont partner the full bodied reds of the region, Barolo and Barbaresco, bith made from the Nebbiolo grape which gives full-bodied wines with high tannins, alcholo and acidity.

The seafood cuisine of Veneto was made to be paired with signature Italian wines like Prosecco or Pinot Grigio. Whether it is a spumante (fully sparkling) or a frizzante (lightly sparkling), the Prosecco varietal from northeast Italy compliments all kinds of seafood, especially classic Venetian dishes like bigoli in salsa and sarde in saor. The simplistic nature of Italian cuisine means less time is spent cooking and more time is spent enjoying the wine and the food presented on the table.


One of my absolute favourite combinations is , bigoli in anchovy sauce with the Le Dolci Colline Prosecco. Here is a great recipe for making your own pasta and sauce. If you have some bought Bigoli pasta this recipe should take a matter of minutes. If you don’t, then just use ordinary spaghetti, it’ll still taste delicious, then you pop the cork on the Le Dolci and enjoy.

Ingredients – Sauce

Olive Oil

1 x Onion

Anchovy fillets

1 garlic clove

fresh parsley



1) Add the olive oil to the pan and add onions on a low heat to sweat. Place a whole garlic clove in the middle and cook for 8-10 minutes. Add the anchovy fillets and cook until fully integrated with the onions to form a sauce. Meanwhile heat the pasta in salted water. Remove the garlic clove, toss in the parsley, drain the pasta and add straight to the sauce. Add a few tablespoons of the pasta water and then season to taste, serve immediately.

It really is that simple, and that is the beauty of Italian cuisine. You get absolutely delicious recipes in minutes, and then all you need to concentrate on is enjoying it. From conception to creation in 15 minutes.

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