Italian Pinot Grigio: Enjoying The Simple Things In Life

Does a wine always need to have complexity and an abundance of flavour to be enjoyed? Pinot Grigio isn’t renowned for either of those characteristics but yet it is one of the most popular grapes on the planet. Not all Pinot Grigio is the same, regardless of what some wine critics will say. You have the rich and honeyed character Pinot Grigio from the Mountainous corner of the Alsace in Eastern France, or the more fruit-forward, turbo-charged offerings from the Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills regions of Australia. However we’re here to talk about the original, the place where Pinot Grigio (or Pinot Gris as the Italians call it) really came into its own, Italy!

La Dolce Vita, an Italian phrase for a life of pleasure, the sweet life, a life filled with everything you want and everything you need. If you were to ask most Italians what they need in life, a bottle of Pinot Grigio may well be at the very top of that list. After all Pinot Grigio is a grape that Italians love and for good reason.

A Close View of Pinot Grigio Grapes From Italy
Dry Italian Pinot Grigio makes a great aperitif. It is light, crisp and refreshing, which makes it an ideal choice to greet your guests with, or before you serve dinner. It also goes very well with light pasta dishes, seafood or with cheese and crackers.

Even if you’re not entertaining, Pinot Grigio is the perfect wine to be sipping in the sun. If you believe the forecast (and why wouldn’t we, they are always so accurate) we’re set for a few weeks of blazing sunshine and bone dry evenings. Due to Pinot Grigio being light bodied, it’s a popular choice for causal drinking, and it won’t have you falling in the paddling pool before the BBQ is served.

I happen to love Italian wine in general, whether it be a nice Chianti, a Pinot Grigio or my personal favourite Montepulciano. It’s easy to see why the grape is challenging Chardonnay for the title of #1 white grape on the planet, although it just so happens that it makes a rather tasty pink or fizz too.
Pink Pinot Grigio is equally as popular and is made by pressing the grapes lightly and leaving the juice in contact with the skins, so that the natural pink colour runs into the juice, it’s really that simple. So if you don’t know which wine to pick up for the summer sun, you can’t go wrong with Pinot Grigio.


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