IT Spring Clean

Two years in computing is a long time. Remember the “New iPad”? Released in March 2012, the New iPad, or iPad 3 as practically everyone other than Apple calls it, is now 2 generations out of date; the bleeding edge is the iPad Air.

Thankfully for me the world of servers and “big iron” as it’s known in the business, isn’t quite so fast and furious. Things are expected to last for that little bit longer and your hardware isn’t made obsolete almost the second it leaves the factory. That said, time marches on and occasionally we need to do a tech refresh. We did one a couple of years ago and the time has come to do another.


So what does this mean?

For me and my team it’s 36 hours of controlled mayhem with project plans, milestones, test plans, rollback plans, contingency plans, and pizza. The pizza is arguably the most important bit.

For Jay and the management team it’s a nerve wracking 20 or so hours where he entrusts everything to a bunch of guys who talk using strange acronyms like “DNS” and “SSL” and who seem to be powered by caffeine and pizza.

For you, our customers, it means a period of 20 or so hours where your ability to buy reasonably priced, boutique wines will, admittedly, be seriously hampered. However, never fear, as part of the planning we have created contingency plans for you too.

Go to your wine rack now, check your stock levels. Are they low?

If they are, quickly head to our website, order a case of your favourite wines and be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be prepared for the outage.

If you’re well stocked, well done. You’ve thought ahead. You’ll be able to weather the down time and order more wines at your leisure after our spring clean.

If you’ve landed here because you’ve discovered the site is down, stay calm. We’ve got our best guys working on it and we’ll be back as soon as we can. Keep an eye on our twitter feed, or come back on Saturday afternoon and we should be back. If we’re not, I’ll be withholding any more pizza until the guys fix it.


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