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Welcome to the World of Wine, a concept developed in honour of the other World Cup about to take place. Over the next month, nations will battle it out to find out who has the footballing supremacy; it will be a football showcase, a celebration, and an event with a touch of Brazilian flare. However we wanted to do something a little more topical for us, so we decided to develop the World of Wine tournament. Some of our finest wines, battling against one another until one is crowned the champion. There will be a blind tasting throughout, so there won’t be any bias here, and in one of the least scientific experiments ever undertaken, we’re going to crown the World of Wine winner!

So how is it going to work?

We’ve taken 16 countries we supply wine from and we have split them into four groups of four. We have then taken one wine from each to be blind tasted by three Virgin Wines employees, Wine Buyer Dave Roberts, Wine Advisor Alex Davies and New Business Manager Andrew Potts.

The format will be very simple. Each wine in each group will be pitted against the other three wines in their group. The top two rated wines from each group will advance to the next stage where we will follow a knockout format until a winner is crowned.

Each judge will need to award a point to the wine they think deserves the victory, and as we have only three judges there won’t be any draws, or penalty shoot-outs, huzzah! In the group stage if a wine wins they will be awarded 3 points and the loser 0.

We have selected the wines to typify the country they originate in, classic styles or notorious regions. There are some expensive wines and some wines that don’t quite cost as much. We have some white, some red and even some sparkling. Will our judges side with the expensive wines, or will their senses tell them to go with another. Remember the whole tasting will be blind and the judges will only be advised of the countries once a winner has been crowned.

We’ll start with the group stage over the coming days and in line with the official World Cup, we’ll release our knockout results at the same time.


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