Introducing The Wine Advent Calendar

Andy Potts
Author – Andy Potts (Sendagift General Manager)

This is all totally my fault; I hold my hands up! Guilty as charged. Last December I looked on with total envy (hidden to the best of my ability!) as my daughter sprinted into the kitchen every morning of December, tucking in to numerous chocolates and goodies found within her (numerous!) advent calendars before school.

It reminded me of how much fun I had during December too, squabbling with my brother and sister over whose treats were best! And while I thought ‘ah, that’s nice’, it got me thinking about how as grown-up’s now, we should all be able to have some advent fun too – why should it just be the kids who get a treat a day!?

And that was it, our Wine Advent Calendar was born.

24 windows, 24 guilt free single-serve bottles including reds, whites, Prosecco, even a gorgeous port …. 24 excuses to have a bit of grown-up Christmas fun!

As you’d expect, each of these beauties have been through our trusty wine aficionado’s stringent taste-tests to ensure they’re nothing but truly delicious, ensuring you can sit back, sip and enjoy some delicious advent fun each day in December. And the packaging is absolutely superb, it’ll look fab on a work surface… it’ll blitz the kids’ calendars, that’s for sure!

We’re due to begin dispatching the Wine Advent Calendar’s in early November, however you can get your hands on one now. At the time of writing I’m unsure as to whether they’ll reach general sale given the unprecedented popularity we’ve seen. We are trying to get our hands on more, but nothing is guaranteed at the moment.

If you want to get your mitts on the coolest Advent Calendar around this December – or simply score some mega brownie points – Order Yours Today


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  1. Kate D


    I’ve had my first birthday type today and loved it! My hubbies has had a craft beer advent calendar and his had a glass and tasting nice tea as an additional gift on day 1. Tasting notes would be really useful!

  2. Kate D


    Oops autocorrect……I meant my first bottle and hubbie os singular not pleural 😳 And tasting notes no t nice tea

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