Introducing Free Next Day Delivery For WineBank

“Our WineBank scheme is already the best way wine enthusiasts can purchase wine in the UK but we are always trying to improve everything we do and free next day delivery with no strings attached is the one thing our customers tell us they want most. Our WineBank customers are incredibly loyal so this allows us to implement this benefit without affecting prices or the existing WineBank benefits” – Jay Wright, CEO of Virgin Wines

Yesterday we made the announcement that all WineBank members would now receive free next day delivery on all orders, forever, with no strings attached. With over 60,000 customers already enjoying the benefits of WineBank, we wanted to reward your loyalty by providing something we knew you wanted. So the decision was made to offer free next day delivery for all WineBank members on all cases…forever.

If you haven’t experienced WineBank yet or if you want to give it another go…now is the time to do it, just Click Here to read more about the amazing benefits you’ll receive as a WineBank member.


Jay Wright continues, “We are determined to give our customers the very best service and value we
can and unlimited free next day delivery will help us stand out from the crowd even further and
gives customers a very real and tangible benefit.”

WineBank is the best way for wine lovers to purchase some of the most exciting wines on the UK market. It’s not like your typical bank, we actually give you money, and if at any point you need to cancel, well that’s absolutely fine, no questions asked…although with all the incredible features, we don’t think you’ll want to be leaving.


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