Introducing Famille Perrin

We’re delighted to be working with Famille Perrin for this year’s Virtual Winemaker Project.  With a reputation as one of the finest wine producers in the Southern Rhone, we can definitely expect something very special from this exciting winemaking journey.

Perrin  Family

The family owns the very prestigious Chateau Beaucastel, located in Chateauneuf du Pape, which lies at the heart of this highly esteemed winemaking business.  The Chateau boasts a 173 acre vineyard with a vast field of ancient freestanding vines. In addition, 640 acres of vineyard located across almost a dozen appellations in the Southern Rhone feed the production of a number of brands in the Perrin range, including La Vieille Ferme and Chateau de Beaucastel – the latter which can command prices of up £600 per bottle depending on the label!

Now in its 5th generation, the business is managed by brothers Jean Pierre, 67, and Francois, 57, as well as Jean Pierre’s sons Marc, Pierre, 39 and Thomas, 37, and daughter Cecile, 27, and Francois’ sons Charles, 32, and Mathieu, 30.

Pierre Perrin

We’re incredibly privileged to have Pierre Perrin in charge of our Virtual Winemaker project and in ensuring that the wine is carefully crafted between now and its release in the spring.  Pierre will be updating us regularly on the progress of the wine, guiding us when it comes to crucial decisions and shaping the style of the wine based on the outcome of the votes.

Pierre has a wealth of winemaking experience, so we’re in very safe hands.  He completed studies in Agronomics, as well as Oenology before gaining valuable work experience at a number of well known wineries. In 1996 he joined the family business to become Head of Production and Winemaking. Since 1999, he has settled into the role of Winemaker for the entire stable of Perrin wines and is additionally in-charge of the export and marketing for the UK and Asian markets!

We’ll be catching up with Pierre Perrin over the coming weeks to get to know him a little better!


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