Introducing Croatia’s Underwater Winery

We’ve heard of wineries on the top of mountains or wineries miles from real civilisation. However an underwater winery? Well to be exact, the ageing of the wine occurs underwater. In fact, if you’re so inclined…you can don a wetsuit and check it out for yourself.

Edivo Vino is situated just north of picturesque Dubrovnik. The winery has opened its doors to deep sea divers and wine aficionados alike. If you think this is merely a gimmick, think again. Winemakers around the region have been testing and researching this method for several years now and the results have been remarkable.

Wine is grown as normal and aged above ground for 3 months. It’s then bottled and encased in an amphora (a tall clay jar) with a tight cork and two layers of rubber, this ensures it doesn’t become tainted. It’s then lowered and locked (just in case there are any unwanted intruders, human or otherwise). It remains below the water for 1-2 years before being resurfaced and sold.

It is claimed that being aged below water provides the perfect conditions. The cool quiet stillness allows the flavours to develop undisturbed, resulting in a deliciously balanced wine. It’s certainly a unique way to experience wine, and the kind people of Edivo Vino have opened up their winery for visiters, allowing you to dive to see the amphora nestled among the seaweed.


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