International Chardonnay Day: One For All

Green skinned grape variety Chardonnay produces some of the world’s most exquisite white wines and I really do believe that there’s a wine made from this wonderful variety for everyone. A grape type that is capable of producing a hugely varied range of styles displaying an immense array of aromatics, flavours and textures. Its versatility and ability to adapt to almost any soil type and dramatically different climatic conditions makes it a firm favourite with producers and winemakers the world over.

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Today is International Chardonnay Day and it seems only right for me, as a huge fan of Chardonnay, to write a quick blog post and highlight a few wines that my buying colleague Andrew Baker and I have bought for Virgin Wines over the last few years. Wines that we’re exceptionally pleased with. They come from a number of different regions and countries and vary from the wallet friendly to the ridiculously expensive!

I’ll start with a wine added midway through last year from a fairly unlikely source – Romania. Our Dragon’s Hill wines come from one of Romania’s most progressive wineries and their forte, fruit-forward easy going wines that are affordable and excellent value for money. Australian winemaker Hartley Smithers uses all his skills to craft an utterly modern Chardonnay that has simple yet honest aromatics and an easy going drinkable nature. Click HERE to read more.

The next wine I’ve selected grabbed my attention a few years ago whilst tasting from barrel with the winemaker on a buying trip. I was visiting Tabali up in the north of Chile in the up and coming Limari region. The wine I’m referring to is a single vineyard offering from one of the most impressive sites I’ve been to. Located in a hidden valley, planted on a chunk of limestone, the wonderful Talinay vineyard is the source of one of Chile’s finest Chardonnay’s. Click HERE to read more.

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My final selection comes from Chablis. Not only is Chablis one of the purist expressions of the Chardonnay gape it often achieves its elegance and finesse without the use of oak, which may come as a surprise to some of you. The Domaine I’ve selected is one of the regions finest. It is in fact the one and only Domaine Billaud-Simon and this Grand Cru offering from the ‘Les Clos’ vineyard is one of the most amazing wines I’ve ever tasted. Click HERE to read more

I hope that these choices if nothing else have encouraged you to give Chardonnay another go or restock the wine rack with something new.

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