How’s The Willpower?

Last week we introduced our new campaign to #DrinkBetter. Knowing that January is the time of restrictions, we firmly believe that if you’re going to be cutting down, make it rewarding. So instead of rewarding yourself with supermarket plonk, reward yourself with a true treat. A wine from a boutique vineyard, made with passion to reflect the true taste of the environment. If you want a special wine, go to a specialist.

If you’re on the Dry January train, having a special bottle to look forward to come February 1st may be the incentive you need. According to research, over 25% of resolutions will already have failed and we’re only in the 2nd week. The best new year intentions are often the hardest to stick to. We set extreme goals without realising that taking little steps is more beneficial than one giant leap.  Joseph Luciani, a psychologist from New Jersey believes there are too many hollow intentions.

“Holiday intentions are hollow intentions…we go from a gung-ho attitude to ‘this is too hard’,” he says. Ultimately, we end up feeling more discouraged from setting new goals later in the year.

“Developing self-discipline is a process,” says Luciani. “The more you start to accumulate success the more you start to see yourself differently.”

Making drastic changes is never easy. After all, you’re asking yourself to become a completely new person. Is being goal orientated the right way to achieve? James Clear a behavioural psychologist believes that seeking a new ritual instead of a new result will allow you to establish new habits:

“Here’s the problem: New goals don’t deliver new results. New lifestyles do. And a lifestyle is not an outcome, it is a process. For this reason, all of your energy should go into building better rituals, not chasing better results”.

We hope that whatever goal you’ve set yourself, you’re absolutely nailing it. Make a commitment to #DrinkBetter in 2017.


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