How was it for you?

Hopefully you have received your case of Coeur du Ventoux by now (please contact us if not!).  This truly is a crowd sourced wine and one that you can feel proud that you’ve played a part in creating.

How was it for you?

While you sit back and enjoy your finished wine now that the project is complete, we’d like to ask for your input for one final time.  We’re already thinking about where we can host our Virtual Winemaker project next time and are keen to hear your thoughts on how we can make the project even bigger and better.

If you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions, positive or negative, we’d love to hear them.  Simply comment below or email us at


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  1. David Burton


    If it had the slightly less convention grape combination. been matured in whisky barrells and had had a cork instead of a screw cap it would have been a sensation; as it was, it's OK.

  2. We sampled the wine the weekend after it arrived and thought it had promise, but was still a little young for us. So the other 11 bottles have been stored away till next year to see how it improves. Looking forward to the next bottle.

  3. Anonymous


    I'm with Alison although I stress I am no expert – I'm going to put it right at the back of the cupboard and try it again next year. Love the label, don't mind the screw-cap and enjoyed being a virtual-winemaker (again) – Italy next year?? 🙂

  4. Frank Burke


    I tried it more or less straight away and there's nowt wrong with it. I shall be keeping some back to mature a bit longer but I don't think it's essential and will be opening more bottles this summer. I have no problem with screw caps and enjoyed my second year being a virtual winemaker, even if I didn't always get chance to vote. I don't drink much Italian wine, so I'll go along with Phil and suggest Italy for next year to educate myself! Is Puglia supposed to be a good region?

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