How To Decorate The Christmas Tree

Each year the Christmas build-up starts earlier and earlier. From early November ‘Jingle Bells’ is being played in stores and wrapping paper spills out for sale in the street. We hobble along with more bags than we’ve had to carry all year, it’s been dark since early afternoon and our houses seem cold and uninviting. But, turning into your street, several beacons of warmth; of festivity and merriment; can be seen in the windows of residents. Suddenly the qualities of Christmas are restored and everything improves with the simple sighting of a Christmas tree.

Christmas tree

The importance of a nicely decorated Christmas tree is immense… because no one gets those festive feelings from pre-decorated white plastic out of a box (no I am not talking about toilet brushes).

STEP 1 – Set the Scene

Zen, Nirvana, and Om – we are talking about ‘getting into the zone’. Christmas decorating is no different, so setting the scene requires getting out that Christmas album and cranking up Mariah Carey! Your Christmas Survival Kit has arrived and NOW is the time to open that case, have a look inside and pour some festive red or white cheer ready for that catchy chorus to chime in!

STEP 2 – What you have VS. What you need

Now is the time for exploring. The attic, or cellar, that hasn’t been ventured into since last year now needs investigating. Torch at the ready, prepare yourself for some cobwebs to the face, and battle through the dust. Now you’ve got to see what you’ve got in the arsenal… are there lights? Is there tinsel? Where is the tree!?

Worst case scenario – there are no Christmas supplies. Here are our alternatives:
Option 1: Move Christmas to the neighbour’s house.
Option 2: Go native – drag in a tree or shrub from the garden and decorate it with household items – sieve star, dangling spatula, spoon baubles.
Option 3: Raid the bookshelf – lay all the books down and arrange in a pyramid formation. Add lights for a literary masterpiece.

BOOK Christmas Tree Smaller[1]
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STEP 3 – Putting all those fiddly bits together

With all the bits in place: we are clued in on the importance of having a tree; Mariah is blasting the speakers; first wine bottle in your festive case has been opened; Christmas decorations have been found (or alternatives have been scavenged). And so for the final stage, there are choices to be made when adding all the essential ingredients – tinsel, lights, baubles and star, ultimately forming the ‘perfectly decorated Christmas tree’. (see Friends Season 6, Episode 10 – The One with the Routine).
Here’s your potential plans of attack:

Option 1: The simplest of these is the ‘shot put’ approach. Hold all decorations in the arms, spin thrice and throw onto the tree – it’s modern art!
Option 2: The next easy alternative is to invite some children around, (they love Christmas) get some highly sugary foods and let them go wild with the deco box.
Option 3: Become embroiled in the rules of decoration – real vs. fake, incandescent vs. LED, light strand vs. vertical foot height.

Despite all this seriousness around the aesthetics of a Christmas tree, the Virgin Wines philosophy is life, laughter, and merriment, regardless. Whether your electricity bills are four times the seasonal average as the external lighting effects are attracting aircraft, or you have a minimalist shrine to the festive season, the most important thing is to enjoy the small pleasures.


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