Heartbleed – It’s Big, It’s Bad, but We’re Not Affected


If you’ve been listening to the news recently you may have heard of something called Heartbleed. In a nutshell Heartbleed is a vulnerability in some security software used by large portions of the internet which potentially allows an attacker to snoop on your username and password when you access affected sites. Given the size and scale of the issue what would usually be relegated to the tech and industry news is now making front page headlines with users being urged to reset all their passwords.

While the advice to reset your password isn’t harmful (it’s good practice to use unique passwords for each site you visit and to change those passwords regularly) it’s only required for those sites that were affected by Heartbleed. Virgin Wines does not use the version of the software that suffered from this vulnerability and your login credentials remain secure. You may still want to check with other sites you use, so our advice is to pour yourself a glass of wine, hop online and just do a quick audit of your online passwords.

Dom Davis – Head of IT


Virgin Wines

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