Harvest Time At Finca Manzanos

Recently we wrote about our friends at Finca Manzanos preparing for their harvest, over the last week and into next week they will be harvesting their white grapes and then their red varieties. We really can’t wait to sample the new vintages and we’re sure they are going to be as delicious as always.

Manzanos 4

Below you can see some images from the white variety harvest however the red harvest has yet to take place. We talked to Finca Manzanos and asked them why they didn’t harvest both varieties at the same time:

We just harvested the white varieties, and we will start with the reds soon, probably by the end of this week or next week. We are waiting because we really need to harvest on one day (and not the previous or the following one) as that would set the difference between a good wine and a great one. If we harvest the day that the fruit has the acidity and the necessary sugar, we will later have the alcohol content that we look for.

Manzanos 3

Manzanos 1


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