Harvest – Part 2!

Hopefully you all enjoyed our lovely video about the harvest.  In addition, we thought you might like to see this selection of photos, which shows in detail all the hard work as we pick the grapes and take them inside the winery.

Harvest 1
The harvesting team are hard at work.

Harvest 2
Manual harvesting takes place at Beaucastel – this is symbolised by the galet roulets in the vineyard.
Harvest 3
Grenache grapes are being manually harvested.
Harvest 5
Bunches of grapes are harvested by hand into small baskets then tipped into larger buckets on the back of the tractor
Harvest 4
All in a hard day’s work!
Harvest 6
The manually harvested grapes being tipped from small baskets into larger buckets in order to transport them to the winery. Mont Ventoux overlooks the vineyards in the background



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