Garlic Prawns With A Sweet Chilli Dip

Finca Manzanos White Rioja 2014

We all love Rioja and often look to the regions red wines as a safe bet when ordering or entertaining. However, I urge you to try their un-oaked whites. Made from the native varietal Viura you’ll find grapefruit, soft pear, honeysuckle and almond notes, with a lingering finish of stone fruit. It makes a great match to a whole host of starters, especially grilled fish, shellfish, prawns and squid.


Garlic prawns with a sweet chilli dip

25g of butter

20-24 large prawns, shelled and butterflied

4 gloves garlic peeled and very finely sliced

1 lemon cut into thick slices

Small handful fresh coriander

Salt & pepper

For the sauce

8-10 red cayenne chillies deseeded and finely chopped (keep a few seeds in if you want it hotter)

2 large cloves garlic crushed

White wine vinegar

225g caster sugar

225ml water

1 teaspoon salt

You definitely want to make your sauce first as it takes very little time to cook your prawns once you’ve prepped them.

Put your sugar and water into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Now add your chopped chillies, garlic, salt and a couple of tablespoons of vinegar and simmer for 12-15 minutes. That should leave you with a nice sauce with a syrupy consistency. Pop it to once side to cool.

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Grab a wok or frying pan and melt your butter, be careful not to do this too quickly else it will burn. Now throw in the prawns and cook for a minute then add the garlic and cook for a further 3-4 minutes until they turn pink. Pop them in your intended serving bowl and sprinkle over your coriander, squeeze a two slices of lemon over and off you go.

As a nice touch pop a few of the remaining lemon slices in a bowl of warm water with a few serviettes out so people can wash their mucky fingers.


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