Friday Wines: Viognier Heavy!

*Every Friday, Wine Buyer Dave Roberts opens up a few bottles for the staff to try. Here are the selections for today with a little information on the wines available.”

Friday Wines

Another week of 2013 put to bed. I mean, where does the time go?

There are two whites on offer today, both made from Viognier. Viognier was tipped to be the ‘next big thing’ a few years back and although it’s become more of a household name it’s yet to reach the heights predicted by the great and the good of the wine industries. I’m of the opinion that it’s often far too intense, both aromatically and on the palate for most people and generally performs better with food. It’s a well known fact that most wine consumed in the UK takes place in the absence of food and continued success of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc is testament to this – both are much easier going when consumed without food. If you are looking for something interesting and new to try then there are a number of great Viognier’s out there. Here’s two crackers from our range.

  1. Star & Vine Lodi Viognier 2010 – sourced last year from over the pond, this Lodi Viognier packs a heavyweight punch of stone fruits accompanied by gentle spice. Great with all manner of chicken dishes.
  2. Domaine Saint Hilaire Viognier 2011 – a lighter style than the S&V and one of the most accessible Viognier’s in our range. Look for ripe peaches, pear drops and a hint of vanilla. Will be moving onto the 2012 very soon so this’ll be your last chance for a crack at the exceptional 2011.

domaine saint hilaire viognier

There are two reds available as well.

We’ve long been champions at Virgin Wines of encouraging you to try wines that are somewhat outside the norm. The first red today does just that. Not only is it rarely seen in the UK it’s seldom seen outside of Italy. The wine in question is made from the Teroldego grape variety and I think it makes a very welcome change from the norm. Wine two is a brand new wine from a seriously good winery in Spain. Andy (Baker) assembled a blend with the winemaker on a fairly recent trip and struck a great deal.

  1. d’Arcana Teroldego 2011 – This is what Matthew Jukes had to say about it – “This wine is a revelation. I remember visiting the Trentino region of northern Italy many years ago and falling in love with two weird grape varieties Teroldego and Marzemino. You never see either of them in the UK, which is a shame, until now! This spectacular wine is made by one of the expert producers in the region and it is spot on. Made from Teroldego, the brooding blackberry fruit is delicious and there is masses of charm in the glass all underpinned by a remarkable freshness and vivacity. This is a wine that will shock you with its purity and hopefully you will remember its name as long as I have!”
  2. El Boqueron Icono Tierra de Castilla 2009 – this wine is awesome – aromas of earth, autumnal leaves, spices and minerals, which give way to a wonderfully rich, lavish palate, plus mouth-coating tannins, which have been softened to perfection. Big on flavour and big on booze, you’re going to love this!

El Boqueron Icono Tierra de Castillla 2009


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