Friday Wines – 22nd February 2013

Another week has passed us by and again I find myself preparing for Friday Wines – our weekly ritual in the VW office where I open some new wines for all of the staff to try. Reds today are all from Southern France. Two Rhones and one d’Oc. Whites are all from Oz!


Les Trois Cles Reserve 2011 – another great wine put together by Gavin Crisfield. Gavin does a great job for us in the Languedoc, sourcing grapes, working with local winemakers, to get us really great value for money wines. This Grenache based beauty is full of crunchy red fruits and black cherry. It is medium bodied, supple and very drinkable.

Cotes du Rhone Cuvee Laurent 2009 – This Rhone red is starting to show some signs of development. Some of the primary fruit of its youth has matured. There’s a lovely meaty nose and just a touch of smoky bacon crisps. You can still find good fruit character – for me its blackcurrants. Palate is light and savoury and you really need some food to appreciate winemaker Laurent’s offering properly.

Les Hauts du Mont Cotes du Rhone Villages 2009 – This wine was a bargain. It’s made by a great winemaker who knows every grower in the Rhine worth knowing. As a result he often gets first dibs on their grapes and can craft exceptional reds like this. It shows off the lovely, almost floral aromas of Rhone Grenache, coupled with the spice and savouriness of top-quality Syrah with a few years under its belt. There’s still a chunk of sweet fruit on the palate and it is perfectly balanced. I love this wine!

Humming Bird Semillon Verdelho 2011 – it seems strange to be writing about a wine from Down Under that wasn’t made by Steve G. However, this goes to show how important he is to us. He didn’t make it but he definitely struck the deal to ensure we got a top-class white for a fraction of what it should cost! A blend of Semillon and Verdelho crafted by Geoff Hardy that can can only be described as super fresh and perfectly balanced. There’s plenty of zesty citrus fruit and the inclusion of Semillon takes the edge off and gives the finish a softening touch. A great aperitif white and if you need further proof to its quality have a gander at the customer ratings!

C4 Barossa Valley Chardonnay 2011 – I’ve picked this today purely because I saw it in the wine rack and wanted to drink it. Selfish I know but that’s my prerogative. I like this wine for a number of reasons but mainly because it is ‘new wave’ even for the Aussie’s. If you tasted this wine blind I can pretty much guarantee you wouldn’t be rushing off to the Barossa Valley with your guesses! It’s packed with fresh apple fruit, has just a hint of tropical goodness and the finish is zingy and delicious. A cracking Chardonnay that I think even Chardonnay haters could be won over by!


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