Friday Bottle Sale: Ariki, Tandem & De Martino

Christmas is just around the corner, you can kick and scream and refuse to believe it, but there is no escaping it. We are just over a month away and I’m sorry to say, one pay packet away from having to dive into our savings to celebrate one very special day. Presents are one thing but the food and drink is another. We always have a few sales around the festive season so keep your eyes on over the coming weeks. However we also have discounts on individual bottles if you’d prefer to mix your own case. Every single Friday between now and Christmas, we’ll feature three bottles that have been discounted down.


Ariki Reserva Colchagua Carmenere Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 – Was £9.49, Now £7.49

This fantastically well-structured red is a veritable feast of black cherry and blueberry fruit, with more serious hints of cocoa, smoke and vanilla. Cesar and his team are always looking over their shoulders towards the classic icon wines of Europe, and are well on their way to creating the icons of the future.

Tandem Ars Nova Navarra 2004 – Was £10.99, Now £8.99

This is what most Bordeaux would like to taste like. When you’re invited to Uncle Montgomery’s for dinner and to sit alongside his cobwebbed claret, this is the bottle to take with you. All schoolboy sniggering will subside (eventually) as you present your Ars confidently to the guests. Once everyone has had a good look at it, they’ll see that it is truly awesome and congratulate you for bringing it along.

De Martino 347 Carmenere Reserva 2010 – Was £9.99, Now £6.99

De Martino 347 Carmenere takes its name from the number of vineyard sites that were rigorously tested over 11 years, in an unprecedented viticultural program that was used to determine the sweet spot for each varietal. Only three were selected for making Chile’s best Carmenere; Maipo, Cachapoal and Maule; each of which has exactly the right soil and exposure to the crystalline air and dazzling sunshine. The result – a feral but taut rendition of their goal.


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