Friday Bottle Sale – Alasia, Fiano, Grillo

Black Friday is upon us, a day where manners go out the window and fights break out over a 30% discounted TV. Personally that sounds like way too much work, after all you could get a little saving from the comfort of your own home while sipping on some wine with the fire roaring.

Every Friday between now and our cut-off point for Christmas delivery we’re going to be suggesting a few wines that have been discounted on our site. There is enough pressure around the holiday season without you having to worry about how to fill your empty wine-rack.


Today we are taking a trip to Italy, figuratively if not literally. The beautiful crisp morning sunshine rolling across vineyards or perhaps a fine Palazzo. Food, food and more food, topped off with an authentic Christmas panettone. The Italians do a lot of things right, and wine is definitely one of them. Here are three Italian wines we’ve discounted this week:

Alasia Dolcetto d’Asti 2009 – Was £8.99, Now £6.99

With bright blueberry fruit and a twist of liquorice on the nose this is a really lively fellow and we adore its energy and vitality in the glass. If you haven’t ever tasted a Dolcetto then jump at the chance to have a go at this one. It is a cheeky, refreshing red with an irreverent air and a wonderful sense of well-being.

Romo Romo Fiano 2012 – Was £8.99, Now £6.99

Fiano is a grape best left to its own devices as it sports a panoply of character-driven flavours. Expect a jumping nose of grapefruit and orange, leading on to a super fresh palate with quince, grapefruit, orange blossom and spice. Imagine laying out a spread of Thai curries for example, and some crisp calamari. That is when this wine is needed. Think of it as a neo-Italian classic.

Rallo Grillo 2010 – Was £9.99, Now £8.99

Grillo is a rare beast: a single grape that produces a perfectly balanced wine all by itself. The more you pay the more those delicious flavours intensify. The historic Rallo winery has stood on the beach in Marsala for over a century. While they still produce famous sweet wine, more recently their reputation has been forged by the quality of dry whites. Made from vines that are at least 30 years old, this fragrant, rich, unoaked wine is a vision of Sicily’s future as a fine wine producer.


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