Fining and Filtration

Following the blending and cold stabilization last month, your wine is now almost ready to be bottled. Before we can do this however, the wine must be fined and filtered to ensure no impurities or deposits remain in the bottled wine.

Bentonite Clay
Three types of clay powders, one of which is Bentonite, which is used in the fining process

The fining process clarifies the wine by collecting any particles floating or suspended in the wine and makes them settle to the bottom of the tank. To achieve this we use a substance called bentonite clay, this is a naturally occurring substance which originates from volcanic ash. The bentonite absorbs any impurities and particles as it passes through the wine and settles at the bottom of the tank where is can be removed.

The wine will then finally be passed through a fine tangential filter (0,45µm to be exact) to remove any remaining small particles and ensure the wine is completely clean and ready to drink.

After these last two steps the wine will be ready to be bottled and labelled, but before we can do this, we need you to decide which label you want us to use!


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