Finca Manzanos Wine Festival: A Visual Review

Manzanos Wines Festival 5

When we received the images of the recent festival in La Rioja from Finca Mazanos, we were instantly jealous. So we got in touch to ask them why they hold a festival and what it’s all about. Here is their response:

Manzanos Wines Festival is an event that Manzanos Wines organizes once every two years to celebrate life. It started when we first opened our first wine bar in Calahorra, La Rioja. (Voché)

We use a public square of the town and we hire some music bands that perform different styles, and we include stands of our main brands of wine. Then, we invite all the restaurants or bars of the area to participate and sell their best tapas (we try them to offer something that goes well or matches the wine) and of course, we have some stands of our water, Peñaclara, the only water in la Rioja.

Then we had a contest “Cata a ciegas” that consists in guessing which wine you are tasting. If you guess, you get three more glasses of wine for free.

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