Festival Of Wine: La Mechita Familia Zuccardi Malbec 2014

For day two of our festival of wine, we’re highlighting the family owned winery of Zuccardi based in Mendoza, Argentina.

In 1963 Alberto Zuccardi planted the first acre of vines in Mendoza, ever since that day the family have continued to grow as strong visionaries and innovative winemakers, establishing themselves as one of the most important producers in Argentina.

Sebastian Zuccardi is now heading up operations, a third generation winemaker with inherited determination and a desire for excellence. This has led to Sebastian establishing a research and development team to ensure the family are making the most of the natural environment they are lucky enough to call home.

It’s Sebastian’s dedication and work ethic that make him a perfect partner for Virgin Wines. It is a family owned estate, but there is a constant move towards improvement, a dedication to expressing the most natural flavours in all of the wines, wines that we know you love because you’ve told us through a series of ratings.

The wine on offer today is a delicious Malbec created by head winemaker Gustavo Martinez, exclusive to the customers of Virgin Wines and made using two parcels of premium Malbec from prime vineyards in Argentina’s flagship red grape growing areas.

On one hand we have a parcel of Malbec from Santa Rosa, located to the southeast of the capital city of Mendoza. The region is a dessert area with wide temperature variation, giving excellent flavour intensity to the grapes. Familia Zuccardi has chosen only the best areas for each grape variety. This estate has 475 hectares of vineyard and the latest technology means the vines are protected against late frosts, while having the perfect leaf density and cluster distribution. All of the factors contribute to producing one of the finest tasting Malbecs on the market.

On the other hand you have a parcel from Maipu. Located around 40km from the capital and lying at an elevation of 650 meters above sea level, the Maipu estate is made up of 180 hectares of vineyard. Like in Santa Rosa, Familia Zuccardi have invested in the latest winemaking techniques to ensure that the grapes are a perfect representation of the vineyard. When you combine these two parcels, you get the La Mechita Malbec, one of the fruitiest numbers on offer at Virgin Wines.

This is a medium bodied wine with notes of red fruits, currants and hints of vanilla, spices and cedar. There’s a lovely structure to this wine and the natural ripe fruit characters are all held together by fine tannins. The finish is long and the lovely warming flavours of oak come hurtling through to leave a lovely sweet taste in your mouth.

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