Festival Of Wine Day 4: Mas Buscados

We’ve had a great response to our festival of wine this week, and it’s great to be able to bring you some of the stories behind the wines you enjoy.

Today’s offer is entitled Mas Buscados, which translates to “Most Wanted”, and that’s exactly what it is. When you work in the industry for so long, you start to make friendships and build relationships. Our ability to offer such a fantastic wine at such an unbelievably low price is a direct result of those connections. Winemakers know that we want real wine for real wine drinkers, and they love that. We buy the wine they love to make, and so when we want something truly exceptional, they’re more than happy to deliver.

Kiwi winemaking legend Brent King is a good friend of Virgin, not only does he supply us with some of the most delicious wines on offer, he often pops into the office to say hello, and he even took the whole company through a blending lesson last month. We called up Brent and told him about the festival, we said we needed something special, something different and something ultimately unique, and boy has he delivered in that regard.

Mas Buscados Sobre Lias, a wine that is 100% exclusive to Virgin Wines, but what makes this wine so special? Let us explain.

The grapes used to create this wine are from 3 super premium, low yielding, hand picked plots of land in La Mancha. Each vineyard is owned by a separate winemaker. The Three Pacos (yes, they’re really all called Paco) – have individually been producing the best fruit in La Mancha for years. Their vineyards are low yielding for intense flavour and handpicked to ensure only the best of the crop is chosen. Normally, each Paco sells their grapes separately. But, Brent was adamant about securing the whole lot for you guys. And so he did.

La Mancha is a big expanse of land with immense variety: cooler in the west and warmer in the east. It produces everything from the boldest reds to the freshest whites. It’s a place of hidden treats, which is often overlooked for the more renowned wine regions like Rioja. And, more fool those who overlook it, because this is the ultimate in great value.

The wine is as fresh as can be, with generous flavours of ripe pineapple, lemon and lime all exploding in the mouth. But, there’s a creamy richness to it too, coming from time resting in oak (you’d never guess, because it’s not woody in the slightest). If you’re looking for a wine to enjoy with food, or one to sip on the sofa, this ticks all the boxes. So good, it’s almost criminal!

The wine is £7.49 a bottle for 24 hours only, which means that a case of 12 bottles has a discount of £30.

However because the vineyards produce low yields of intense fruit, there are only 750 cases available, and to be honest, we don’t expect it to last very long.

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