Festival of Wine Day 3: The Super Six

So far we’ve highlighted one winemaker each day, but today we’re focusing in on six. We have so many winemakers, it’s impossible to focus on every single one of them, we’d need a 365 day festival. However today we’ve selected six winemakers that we absolutely love to work with, we’ve put their wines in one super mixed case and slashed £30 from the price. So if you want to experience the taste of real bespoke boutique wine, then today is your chance.

However what makes these wines so good? What makes these winemakers so different? Every individual winemaker has a story, every individual winemaker has a style, but every winemaker we work with share similar traits. They all have a love for what they do, getting their hands dirty in the vineyard, picking, examining and caring for each vine. A lot of the winemakers we work with want to offer something a little different, they want to experiment with their styles, there is nothing worse than large corporate manufacturers producing the exact same wine year after year, it’s boring, and to be quite honest, it’s not natural.

Although wines can taste similar from one vintage to the next if you’re using the same vines, there are always some subtle differences. The natural elements that give the wine some of its character will vary from year to year. Rainfall and sunlight and in some cases snowmelt will effect the character, flavour, and depth of the wine, which is why every new vintage is a new discovery. That’s what winemaking is all about, it’s about using your own skill to complement

This case includes winemakers like Steve Grimley and Jess Hardy from Australia. Right from the start, we knew that we weren’t happy with the quality of the off-the-peg Aussie brands. Step up Steve Grimley, a visionary young winemaker. We both realised that we’d need to tailor-make wines for Virgin, to get the best from Down Under.

Claude Jourdan, creater of the Picpoul de Pinet explains the unique relationship we enjoy with our winemakers:

I am very pleased to work with Virgin Wines, a company that respects our philosophy and that is visionary enough to offer their customers the opportunity to discover our wines. It is a great opportunity for us to work with a team that strives to showcase the quality of our wines and the terroir of the Languedoc. I believe that Picpoul is a good alternative to Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc or Muscadet for customers keen to try something new.

This wine beautifully expresses our Mediterranean terroir, and has the typical characteristics of Picpoul. The nose is very aromatic with lively aromas of grapefruit, pear and white flowers and some notes of honeysuckle. A racy acidity and mineral backbone on the palate combined with a great mix of aromatic flavours make this wine the perfect accompaniment for oysters or grilled fish.

We have Marinda Kruger-Van Eck making some of the finest wines in Stellenbosch. And it has some very fine vineyard sites and winery names to match. It is still singing the song for the whole of the Cape. Finishing with Gavin Crisfield and Pilar Avellanas in France and Spain respectively, making the wines they love to enjoy themselves.

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