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Partnering the perfect wine with the perfect dish can be a complicated matter, and you’d be forgiven for coming out in sweats when asked to do so. However if you follow some very simple rules, you really can’t go wrong.

First of all, the key word is balance. The principle is to ensure that neither the food nor the wine overpower the other. You match the weight and richness of the food with the body of the wine, the flavour intensity of both and the acidity or sweetness of either.


When our friends over at Gousto provided us with all the ingredients and instructions for a Curried Lime Chicken, it got us thinking about the perfect wine to match with this dish. The delicious intensity in the flavours will need to be matched by the flavours in the wine.

Immediately a white wine will come to mind, a refreshing contrast to the curry and lime flavours contained in the dish. You want a palate cleaning acidity to the wine and you want to match the flavours so they complement each other rather battle against one another.

When taking your first bite of this dish, you immediately focus in on the lime a citrus fruit budding with flavour and intensity. You’d be forgiven for eating the whole meal without coming up for breath, however when considering a wine with citrusy notes, you instantly settle on Sauvignon Blanc. The acidity and citrus aspect to this wine will enhance rather than overpower the flavours presented with this dish in particular. As you enjoy each mouthful, take a sip of wine in-between this will accentuate the flavours of the lime and sweet potato.

However there are hundreds of Sauvignon Blanc’s to choose from, so which one should you go for?

This grape grew to fame in Sancerre in the Loire region of France; however it quickly became a staple in the New World in regions like New Zealand where Cloudy Bay Sauvignon rules the roost. As you can imagine the different varieties while sharing some common characteristics, vary due to the completely different climate. If you were to pick up a Loire wine you’d expect more minerality due to the soil, and a strong grassy gooseberry aroma. New world wines however have a stronger citrusy base with more of a tropical edge due to the heat.

Here we’re matching citrus with citrus, so we’re going to suggest you reach for a New World Sauvignon, if you fancy splashing out then New Zealand is the area you want to look at, but for cheaper alternatives you could try offerings from Chile or South Africa.


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