#DrinkBetter – Two Wineries To Visit In Chile

We work with some of the most passionate winemakers in the world. Developing these personal relationships allows us to bring you the wines we know you love. From the hills of Romania to the fields of Lebanon, we search high and low looking for quality and value. That’s why we’re so confident in our #DrinkBetter campaign, ensuring that whenever you pick up a bottle of wine, it’s packed full of quality.

We’re proud of all our relationships, and the value coming out of Chile at the moment is extraordinary. We’re fortunate to work with some of the most dedicated, promising winemakers that this beautiful country has to offer. We all love a nice glass of wine, but if you’re like me…sometimes you don’t stop and think about where the wine comes from. However some of the wines we produce are crafted in some of the most beautiful places on earth, and the two wineries we’re featuring today definitely fall into that category.

Tabali Winery – Limari Valley

Limari is located towards the north of Chile, with a desert like climate and less than 4 inches of rainfall a year. The Pacific ocean influences the wine region with a cooling fog crawling in from the west and quickly disappearing as the sun rises in the east over the picturesque Andes. With mineral rich soils, the region produces some fresh varietals with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay enjoying the majority of the limelight.

Tabali is perfectly situated, constructed in the ravine to protect themselves against excessive heat. Tabali go to extreme lengths to ensure they are producing the finest wines using the natural elements that showcase the characteristics of the region. With chalky, clay and stone soil, drip irrigation and the natural sunlight combining to create expressive varietals that are becoming increasingly popular.

Tabali was one of the first wineries to recognise the potential of the Limari valley, and through many vintages they have refined their craft to ensure they are producing only the finest wines. From carefully selecting grapes, to balancing traditional and innovative methods, when you drink Tabali, you’re definitely making the choice to #DrinkBetter

Perez Cruz – Maipo Valley

If you’ve been a Virgin Wines customer for a while, you’ll know all about Perez Cruz. If you’re new to Virgin Wines, you’ll know all about Perez Cruz soon enough. A family owned winery who produce and bottle all their wines on site, located at a stunning winery at the foothills of the Andes.

The Mediterranean climate that the Maipo Valley experiences ensures very hot and very sunny summers with a broad differential between day/night temperatures. Combined with the deep and stony soils, it’s not surprising to hear that Perez Cruz is a multi-award winning winery who’s reputation in the wine world is growing by the day.

We’ve been working with Perez Cruz for a long time, so we know the love and passion that goes into every single bottle of wine crafted by winemaker Germán Lyon.

The spectacular winery was built of native woods with two barrel-shaped central naves, exterior arches that evoke the passing of wind through trees, and stone foundations that recall the structures the Incas left behind in the area.


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