#DrinkBetter – What Makes Our Wines Special?

This month we’re focusing on our #DrinkBetter campaign. If you’re cutting down on alcohol or giving up completely for January, when you eventually reach for a bottle, make sure it’s worth it.

We believe in every single bottle of wine that we produce and that’s why we can offer a 100% guarantee on any wines that are not enjoyed.  What separates us from the pack? Why should you choose to drink with Virgin Wines?

The relationships that we build around the world enable us to continuously produce the wines that we know you’re going to love. Our wine buyers spend a lot of time out of the office (the lucky swines!) on location, tasting, blending and building relationships with vineyard owners and winemakers alike.

If you’ve been a VW customer for a while, you’ll likely know the names Steve Grimley, Sebastian DeMartino, Victor Manzanos and German Lyon, who are just a handful of people who make us who we are. Regarded as some of the top wine producers in their respective countries, they are obsessed with quality and won’t settle for anything less than perfection.

Fortunately we’re exactly the same, which is why you’ll see us out and about in the vineyards so often, and you’ll see a number of winemakers around the office too. We’d love to say that it was all work, and the wine buyers will try and convince you that their jaunts in Australia and Chile are all business, but the relationships are much deeper than that. So in between blending and tasting, you’ll find Dave tucking into the local cuisine and chatting to Seb from DeMartino on all things Chilean football.

Buying wines isn’t a one man mission though, in fact, hundreds of thousands of people help us decide which wines to stock. Who are those hundreds of thousands of people? Our customers! Over the years we’ve collected over a million customer ratings, and we actively use those to blend and create the wines we know you love. If we notice that our customers prefer a certain style from a certain country, we’ll talk to our winemakers to ensure we can produce more variations of the same style. In this unique way, we mould our range based on what you tell us.

Our relationships also enable us to get a cracking deal from some of the world’s most premium estates at a fraction of the cost. For a number of reasons top estates sometimes produce more of their finest wines than they want to release. When this happens they offer the extra cases to trusted friends in the trade (like us!) but in bottles with no proper label on them, for a fraction of the normal price – as long as we keep the name of the original wine a secret. Does a bottle with no label look overly appealing? Not really. However, is it worth the simple appearance to get premium wine at a fraction of the price? We think so, and so do our customers. Without developing the relationships that we do, offering these cleanskin products would be impossible!




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