Donald Russell – An Introduction

Wine has long been served as an accompaniment to food, but in recent years, interest in pairing wine and food has reached new heights. Whether you’re cooking for special guests, enjoying a mid-week dinner, complementing or contrasting flavours and tastes, the irresistible combination of food and wine never gets old.

As a Royal Warrant holding Butcher, we at Donald Russell are delighted to work alongside Virgin Wines to provide you with everything you need to know about beef, lamb and pork (and what to drink with them of course!)


Donald Russell started as a collaboration between an Aberdeenshire farmer and a master butcher in 1974, so we have always understood how important both natural rearing methods and traditional butchery skills are in producing the finest meat.

We have grown into Britain’s leading mail order and online meat supplier, winning awards for our products and customer service, and making many friends and loyal customers along the way, including Her Majesty The Queen. For almost thirty years, we have held the honour of holding a Royal Warrant, which is a great source of pride for us.

We source our beef, lamb and pork from trusted farms here in the UK, where the animals are reared outdoors on natural diets. This is essential in nurturing the rich, mellow flavour and fine marbling which makes our steaks and roasts taste so good.

We then traditionally mature our meat, (up to 35 days for our beef) to develop its deep flavours and full succulence. Our master butchers use their expert knowledge to judge exactly when it is at the peak of both flavour and tenderness. Only then is it cut and trimmed by our butchers. They really know their meat, and use all their well-honed knife skills to hand prepare our delicious, kitchen ready cuts.

At Donald Russell, we’re well aware that our reputation is only as good as our last steak. That’s why we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure everything we do adds up to the best possible experience. For that you have our no-quibble, money back guarantee, ‘your money back if you’ve ever tasted better.’

We’re excited to work alongside Virgin Wines and in the upcoming weeks, we’ll be featuring recipes with wines to match, cooking hints and tips and maybe even a competition or two…!




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