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Now that we’ve got the name of our wine sorted, we need to come up with a label design for the front of the bottle. We could get our Designers to do this but we’d much prefer that the design comes from you – it is your wine after all!

So if you find yourselves with a few spare minutes over the festive period why not submit a design?

For the less creative of you, don’t be put you off, you really don’t need to be a pro to get involved. We’re happy to receive an idea described by text or planned out quickly in pencil, or a sketch of what a label might look like. On the other hand, if your creative juices are flowing, we’re equally happy to receive an illustration that could be used on the label or the finished label artwork!

Label Vote

As inspiration for your design, let us remind you of a few key factors regarding your wine:

  • It will be made by the world renowned Perrin Family – read about The Winery and Team
  • The wine will form part of the wider Famille Perrin range of wines – search for these on our website.
  • The wine will originate from the Ventoux region in Southern France.
  • It will comprise 50% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 15% Carignan, 5% Cinsault.
  • The wine will be free from oak.
  • The wine will be called Coeur du Ventoux, meaning Heart of Ventoux.

And here’s a few a few thoughts as inspiration for your design:

  • The wine is from a very prestigious French winery, so will you keep things traditional and simple (like the current Famille Perrin labels) or will you prefer to go a bit more abstract or avant garde (more like labels from the New World)?
  • Will your design focus on the Famille Perrin brand or maybe the region of Ventoux?  Perhaps the heart concept will be your focal point?  Or maybe your design will encapsulate all or none of these elements?
  • Which colours will you go for?  Black and white to stay traditional maybe, earthy colours to pick out the colours of the region or red for something bold loving and bold?

Please note that we’re looking for ideas for the front label only (we’ll take care of the back label) and don’t worry too much about all the finer details (e.g. volume and abv) – we’ll make sure we add those in.

Along with your design, you’ll need to include space for the Famille Perrin name and logo, plus the winning name of our wine – Coeur du Ventoux. A template is given below if you wish to use it as the basis of your design.

Please submit your idea(s) to the following addresses by 3rd January 2014.

Louise Truswell
Virgin Wines
4th floor, St James Mill

Following the deadline, our Designers will then work up the ideas (where needed) and we’ll create a shortlist, which we’ll ask you to vote on in the New Year.

If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to get in touch.  Otherwise, we’ll look forward to seeing your ideas soon!

Have fun!

Download the label template here.

Label Template


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