Design the Label

Now that we’ve got the name of our wine sorted, we need to come up with a label design for the front of the bottle. We could get our Designers to do this but we’d much prefer that the design comes from you – it is your wine after all!

Label Vote

Hopefully you have received an email inviting you to submit your label design to us and describing what you need to do. For the less creative of you, don’t be put you off though, you really don’t need to be a pro to get involved. We’re happy to receive an idea described by text or planned out quickly in pencil or, if your creative juices are flowing, we’re equally happy to receive an illustration that could be used on the label or the finished label artwork.

Our Designers will then work up any submissions (where needed) and we’ll create a shortlist, which we’ll ask you to vote on in the New Year.

If you have signed up to the Virtual Winemaker project and haven’t received the email with details about the label, please get in touch with us at

Have fun!


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