Cork vs Screwcap

So, we all know that the best wines need to be sealed under a nice organic cork, right? Whilst the cheaper end should be under screwcap? This case has been made and is still largely made by the purveyors of more expensive wines the world over. But not perhaps for the reasons you might expect.

Cork vs Screwcap

Of course the credibility of Montrachet under an aluminium cap might be a big ask. But the question has been asked. Think about it: Montrachet is produced in tiny volumes each year…homebrew volumes. So why would a producer risk losing 5-10% of it through cork taint? The answer is because the cork still represents an important part of fine wine production, firstly because people would freak out if it was under screw and secondly because the steady oxidation that corks allow are deemed to be better for slow cellar maturation of long lived wines.

That taint…the mouldy cardboard taint that ruins many a good wine. Are you prepared to risk it? Screwcaps may be less romantic, but corked wine is not very romantic either. Screwcaps are easy to open and reseal and, here’s the key point, provide an almost infallible closure for young wines (that have been bottled with care). That means you are very nearly guaranteed that the wine that you bought doesn’t turn out to be the wine you thought you bought. Quite important.

Anyway the choice is yours. It’s a question of romance over practicality and peace of mind.

Surely the Coeur implies enough romance as it is?

Not that I’d want to influence you at all….


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  1. Antonio Mundel


    also think of the trees!

  2. Stewart Smith


    Is the question now whether or not the Coeur de Ventoux is going to be something most of us drink in the next year or so, or lay down to keep?

  3. Lets have a traditional romantic feel, nothing beats the sound of a cork and it adds to a sense of occasion.

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