Cooking Over The Festive Period

Over the Christmas period it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be doing a fair amount of entertaining and cooking. So, with that in mind I’ve put together a few ideas for dishes and suitable wine matches for you to consider.

Here are a couple of ideas for the leftover turkey.

Leftover Turkey Curry


You know there will be plenty of leftover turkey, even after you’ve made several rounds of well stacked sandwiches. So, a great option to finally finish the bird off is to make a huge pot of curry. It’s a great convenience dish as well. It can be heated up on demand, served with a mound of basmati rice, loaded into jacket spuds or served with a side of chips! It’s also jolly easy to cook.

I suggest as the perfect wine to accompany this dish would be a crisp, fragrant white. From our range I’ve picked out – Les Terrasses de l’Argentier Gros Manseng Sauvignon Blanc 2012. Not only is this wine packed with character it’ll cope with the spice of your curry with ease, cutting through the heat and leaving your palate completely refreshed.

Leftover Turkey & Ham Pie


This is another classic way of using up that stack of unfinished turkey. If you’re anything like me you’ll want to see the back of it, but by incorporating a bit of boiled gammon (which is something most of you will have cooked up and have to hand), an onion, carrots, cream and puff pastry, you can make another very tasty dish that will give a new lease of life to that eye sore that is the cold turkey. Serve with some buttery parsley mash and gravy.

I recommend a light red to wash this dish down with. Our La Reine de l’Arenite La Madone Fleurie 2011 with its crunchy red berry fruit and juicy texture makes it the ideal match.

Right! Let’s move away from the leftovers. The below is one of my favourite winter warming dishes that I always turn to at this time of year.

Classic Sausage & Mash – or as I like to call it – A Sausage Delight!


Grab a selection of your favourite flavoured snags/sausages from the butchers or supermarket, chuck them in a well oiled and seasoned roasting tin with some smoked lardons, a selection of mixed peppers halved and deseeded, a couple of peeled and quartered red onions, some carrots peeled and halved, a few courgettes topped-tailed halved and halved again. Mix it all around to give the contents a good coating of oil and seasoning, and then bung it in the oven for around 50 minutes (or until nicely coloured) with a stir halfway through.

Meanwhile you can make your mash and start the gravy. I like to add spring onion and a bit of horseradish to my mash and as its Christmas I won’t be skimping on the butter!

For the gravy slowly soften a couple of onions, add some stock (if you’ve boiled down the turkey husk then use that stock) add a splash of red wine and slowly reduce. Just before things are finished in the oven, pour the juice into the gravy to add flavour.

Whilst you’re cooking you’ll need to keep yourself refreshed and our Madonnina Gavi 2012 will do the job admirably. Light and crisp with fresh green apples and toasted almond notes.

You’ll want to serve this hearty meal with something smooth and rounded. Finca Manzanos Seleccion de la Familia Rioja Crianza 2009 with its soft mouth-feel, silky smooth tannins and layers of ripe black fruit and spice is utterly splendid.

Eat, drink (in moderation) and be merry!


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