Closure Vote – And the Winner Is….

You may recall that in the last newsletter we invited you to take part in the fifth and final vote where we asked you the following question.

Would you like your Coeur du Ventoux wine to have a screwcap or cork?

Answer 1- Screwcap

Answer 2 – Cork

Cork vs Screwcap

The vote has now closed, the results have been counted and we can reveal that the winning option is……


Thanks to those of you who took part in the voting. More than 65% of you opted for Answer 1, so we’ll be asking our friends over in France to seal the bottle with the screwcap. Here’s what winemaker, Pierre Perrin, had to say once he heard the outcome of the vote.

Pierre“Thank you for your votes to choose whether you would like your Virtual Winemaker wine sealed under screw-cap or cork. This is always an interesting debate, especially in France where screw-cap is much less widely accepted. We really believe that both closures have a role to play; for fresh whites and rosés as well as young fruity reds then screw-cap is the ideal closure. For wines aged in oak and capable of longer cellaring then natural cork is still the best option allowing the wine to ‘breathe’ as it develops in the bottle. Your wine is now ready to be bottled and labelled and within a few weeks will be shipped to the UK ready for you to enjoy!” Pierre


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