Chenin Blanc – Try A Little Versatility

Just call Chenin Blanc ‘Mr Versatile’. It can be used to produce easy-drinking white table wines or sweet wines. It’s even able to produce a sparkling wine every now and again. Easy to grow and able to produce well rounded palatable wines internationally, this little number is making a name for itself.

Chenin Blanc

Barely ripe fruit is used to make the sparkling styles and dry, medium and sweet styles use increasingly ripe grapes. If you manage to sample a young Chenin, you can expect flavours of green apples, citrus and dry leafy notes. However if you are fortunate to sample an aged Chenin you will experience toasty flavours and honey.

There is so much to love about Chenin and so much to learn as well, read more about this versatile grape with our wine-zone article, just click HERE

So now you’ve read all about this grape, where do you start? I have to admit that my favourite Chenin in our range comes from South Africa. The signature white grape of the Cape, why not try the Devil’s Peak Chenin Blanc 2013. It has all that lovely orchid fruit but it also has a hint of honey, despite it being such a young vintage.

You can tell this wine has been made with a lot of care and attention, allowing it an aromatic expression of all its natural fruits. Made by winemaker Werner Engelbrecht at the super-premium winery, this has everything you need if you want to experience Chenin for the very first time.

The one thing I really love about this wine is the versatility it shows in itself. We have spoken about the versatility of the grape in general, however this wine in particular is a real versatile number. You can glug it down on a hot summer’s day, with friends collected in the garden. Or you can serve it alongside a bit of fish to really bring out all the wonderful flavours.


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