Celebrating Malbec World Day

Back at HQ, we’ll be championing one variety in particular today, and that’s Malbec. Why? Because today is Malbec World Day.

MWD is a day to celebrate the emergence of Malbec as the Argentinean wine industry’s most successful grape variety. On April 17th 1853, the boss of Argentina, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, announced his latest mission – to transform Argentina’s wine industry. He sent his soil expert pal, Michel Aimé Pouget, off to find some vine varieties that would suit Argentina’s terrain.

Malbec World Day COmpetitionAmongst others, Pouget returned with a Malbec vine. After a number tries and tests on various terrains, Malbec started to flourish in Argentina.

In the second half of the 19th century, a root-feeding aphid known as Phylloxera made its way from America and ran riot throughout Europe’s vineyards, decimating 2.5 million hectares of vineyards in France alone. Amongst those vines destroyed were most of the original Malbec vines of Bordeaux and its surroundings.

Around 100 years later, a severe frost wiped out the remaining Malbec vines of France, leaving Argentina as the only country successfully growing original Malbec vines.

And so 2011, around 160 years after Domingo Faustino Sarmiento set out to create a successful wine industry in his beloved Argentina, Malbec World Day was born – to celebrate the backbone of the Sarmiento’s successful mission – Malbec.

Together, Virgin Wines and our customers love Argentinean Malbec. So this year, we’ve teamed up with Wines of Argentina to offer our customers an exclusive prize. A 7 course dinner at the swanky London hot-spot ‘Una’ cooked by renowned Argentinian chef Martin Milesi. Just upload a photo of you enjoying a glass of Malbec to Facebook, tag both ourselves and Wines of Argentina in it and you could be chosen as the winner. The more creative the better.



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