Celebrating Malbec World Day

Malbec World Day

April 17th saw the world celebrate the heart of Argentina. Here in the UK that fell on the Easter bank holiday, and being 4 days in, I’m sure most of us were in a chocolate coma. However, you don’t need to give me a reason to open up a bottle of Argentina’s finest.

Malbec is celebrated the world over, but Argentina has a special fondness for the grape it rescued. When 75% of the crop was destroyed in France by the great frost of 1956, the winemakers of Argentina took up the role as variety champions. Many Argentinean’s believe that this grape celebrates the essence of their own country.  Malbec’s popularity is in itself a metaphor for the countries growth and development.

Don’t be mistaken, It’s still very much a favourite in Cahors France, where it makes rich inky reds. Fondly known as the Black Wines of Cahors, these varieties must possess at least 70% Malbec, with Merlot being a favourite blending partner.

a picture of a vineyard sign advertising malbec in a vineyard in Argentina.

Malbec in Disguise

On occasions, you may be drinking Malbec without even realising. Its known as Côt in the South West of France, Pressac in Bordeaux and Auxerrois in Cahors. However, don’t be fooled…each of these wines will be Malbec based wines oozing with those yummy black fruits.

A New Home

It’s in Argentina where it really flourishes. If you like a wine packed with fruit, packed with flavour and packed with body, this is for you. It was all the way back in 1868 when cheeky Professor Pouet took some clippings from Bordeaux and introduced it to the world of Argentina. To say that Malbec took to Argentina like a duck to water would be an understatement. The nutrient rich soils coupled with the extra sunlight give this variety an extra vigour. We’re talking wines that are high in flavour, high in fruit and high in alcohol.

Meat, Meat & More Meat

Here’s one of the main reasons for my personal love of Malbec. If you’re a meat eater, this is the perfect wine to pair with a bit of beef. The power and flavour of the wine perfectly complement the depth of flavour in a BBQ’d beef selection. It’ll also work wonders with your roasted vegetables, and perfect for drinking in the sun. Basically, we’re saying…have it with a BBQ.


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