Celebrating Fiestas Patrias & Chilean Wine

Fiestas Patrias

The 18th of September is a very important day for the people of Chile. Over the course of two days, the Chilean people celebrate. They celebrate the Fiestas Patrias, which is the celebration of their freedom from Spanish rule.  It’s a two day festival (officially), which usually lasts closer to a week.

During the festivities, many Chileans travel to visit friends and family. There will be events such as the Chilean rodeo, and dancing the cueca, which is the national dance of Chile. They will visit Fondas which are food markets, and of course drink a lot of wine.

So to celebrate the importance of the Fiestas Patrias, we’re going to be talking all things Chilean wine.

We’ve worked in Chile for well over a decade now and it continues to deliver on quality. Even after very difficult vintages like 2016. The winemakers we work with enable us to guarantee exceptional wines year after year.  Boasting the ability to combine new-world flavour with old world depth, it’s little wonder why the Chilean wine scene has continued to grow.

Fiestas Patrias and Chile wine regions

Quality, Quality, Quality

Why are Chilean wines so special? First of all the country is largely Phylloxera free. Phylloxera is a pest of commercial grapevines. In the late 19th century, this epidemic destroyed a huge proportion of vineyards in Europe. Many now consider Carmenere to be Chile’s national grape. However many believed Carmenere had perished during the Phylloxera plague. Then a clever scientist from Montpelier discovered that what many people believed to be Merlot, was actually Carmenere. Which means it was actually exported to Chile before the plague hit mainland Europe.

Chile is also blessed with an incredible climate, with a long ripening season. As well as benefiting from the Andes snow-melt.

A picture demonstrating the Chilean wine regions. Fiestas Patrias
A look at the wine regions in Chile.

The range of wine regions enables Chilean winemakers to grow a wide variety of grapes. Including wines such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and some of the finest Merlots on the planet. Wine is produced throughout the country. Whether that’s in the warm dry region of Aconcagua in the north. Or the cooler wetter region of Bio Bio in the south. However we happen to work a lot in the Central valley around Santiago where 90% of Chile’s wine exports are produced.

The Chilean wine industry continues to grow and we don’t imagine that’s going to change anytime soon. It’s currently enjoying some incredible investment which is going towards modernising the wineries and investing in the vineyards.  However this ensures that the wines that are being produced are the perfect combination of top-class quality and exceptional value for money.

A very happy Fiestas Patrias to you Chile. We toast you, and your winemaking prowess.

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    Did you come across the Casa Silva vinyard, in the Colchagua valley? Fabulous wines, they’ve been making Sauvignon Blanc since about 1910, also renowned for their Carmenere. Be great if you could get some over here!

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